In a nutshell

Moving around

Use mousedrags to move around.

Key Mousebutton Drag Movement
Shift 1 Up, Down Move Forward, Backwards
1 Any Turn
2 Up, Down Turn Ana, Kata
3 Clock Clock

Note the third mousebutton is the right mousebutton on a right hand mouse!

Clock stands for rotations perpendicular to your view.

Alternatively you can use the keyboard cursor keys. Use Ctrl for third mousebutton and Alt for second mousebutton. (If Alt + Cursor is already defined for your system, try Ctrl + Alt + Cursor).

View parameters

Key View
Page Up Come closer (and zoom out)
Page Down Go further (and zoom in)
Home Flatten (stereoscopically)
End Deepen (stereoscopically)


Select stereoscopic mode.
swap Swap left and right stereoscopic image.
sound Toggle audio.
detach If embedded in a webpage, open in a window.

Playing the game

The cube is hollow on the inside and transparent but solid on the outside. Try not to bump into it. A red line shows how you've hit it when you do. Kick the big ball with the cursor aiming it at the target. Five targets to hit per game. After a hit you must earn a new target first, by moving the cursor through the window. On the outside, stay clear from the small ball. A red line is thrown when it got you.


+100 To start with.
+100 Hitting the target.
-1 Each second.
-10 Bumping into the cube.
-5 For approximately each second a red line is thrown by the small ball.

Have fun!